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Multiple Accounts

And how to switch between them

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Chartlog is the only Journal out there that allows you to keep separate accounts within one user. Switching between them is often overlooked by users but could not be easier. On the top left hand of the screen is your account selector.

You may be asking How do I import multiple accounts?

There are a few ways but we usually recommend that you let us do it automatically.

  • If you upload trade files, we will use the account information in that file to associate your trades to the right account in Chartlog. If the account does not exist in Chartlog, we will create it at import.

  • If you use Chartlog Connect (automatic imports), we do the same exact thing and create a Chartlog account for each outside account that you connect.

  • When manually importing files you also have the ability to override trade association and select the account you want the trades to feed into.

  • When manually importing files you can select "Create Account" from the account selection drop down and force the trade importer to create a new account with the name you specify

Overall, we recommend that you let us handle it automatically. Just upload your file or connect your broker and you are all set!

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